Our role is to provide engineering and manufacturing services to develop your products from concept to production. We have experience working with manufacturers throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Asia. 

We have designed and manufactured products for:

  • Telecommunications-Cellular, Paging and Data
  • Computers-Terminals, Keyboards and Monitors
  • Consumer Products-Door Knobs and Novelties
  • Automotive Products-Dash Board Panels
  • Medical Appliances and Instuments-Heart Monitors
  • LCD's

At Designs Midwest we have the knowledge, experience, commitment and innovation to do our part in making your project a success. We are aware of the importance in maintaining a strong knowledge base in all of the areas involved in design and manufacturing. At Designs Midwest, our staff has a high level of knowledge and experience in design and manufacturing analysis. This is how Designs Midwest differentiates itself from the competition.

Designs Midwest, Inc Kansas City Office

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